Kimi Trinh

Maggie, my sales representative, was awesome! She knew her product very well and educated me on the different types of piano and what to listen for. It was a great learning experience as I am appreciating my piano each time my son or I play it.

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Jessica Piper

My experience here was phenomenal! Such a wide selection of pianos available and I was able to make a choice with the extremely knowledgeable help of Maggie Pollio. I love my piano, and cannot thank her enough for helping me find it!

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Louisa Chiu

Maggie spent a few dedicated hours educating me on different pianos. After that, no other store or salesperson had a chance! I appreciated that she was interested in finding a fit for me, rather than sell me a particular brand.

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Wendy W. Li-Chen

We went to visit HPC last year, Meggie was really nice to introduce and show us the different pianos in the store, and she let me playing as much as pianos possible. We found the perfect piano for our budget with Meggie's help. I am surprised that the store has a lot of pianos from different brands to try. I would love to visit the store again just to see the other beautiful pianos.

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John V.

Maggie has been beyond excellent in helping us select and order the correct piano for our home. She was able to locate the piano and have it sent to houston and delivered exactly as promised. She has our full confidence and was very easy to contact even on her days off and via text message. Highly recommended!

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Diana D.

Ms. Maggie has been so helpful for us all. I have recommended everyone I know that is looking for a piano to work with her. She gives the best recommendations with her many years of experience. Everyone I know loves their new piano they bought from Ms. Maggie. She is the sweetest and someone you can trust.

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Louisa Chiu

Maggie spent a few dedicated hours educating me on different pianos. After that, no other store or salesperson had a chance! I appreciated that she was interested in finding a fit for me, rather than sell me a particular brand.

Source from Chinese Piano Lady - Maggie FaceBook

Darryl Legaspi

I was referred to Maggie by a friend of mine and was amazed by her professionalism and knowledge regarding pianos. Upon meeting her for the first time my wife and I felt like she was a close friend. She was very personable and made us feel comfortable when seeking the piano that best suited our needs. Half the time I didn't realize I was searching for a piano, and felt like we were talking to a longtime friend. She was not pushy at all and she made sure we took the time to fall in love with the piano that we would be investing in. Each piano we tried she provided the history of the maker, and the quality of the build of the piano that sets each piano apart from the rest. We finally settled on a Brodman PE121. I highly recommend Maggie, for her friendly personality, extensive knowledge of pianos, and superior professionalism.

Source from Chinese Piano Lady - Maggie FaceBook

Bobby Keyes

I moved to Houston a week ago, and I made Houston Piano Co. one of my first stops. I rang the door bell, and Maggie greeted me with warmth and respect. She listened to my musical needs and was generous with her time to show me several pianos. They have an extensive display of pianos across a wide spectrum or quality and price. I was introduced to a few brands that I had never seen before! I look forward to visiting Maggie at HPC again to eventually buy my next piano.

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Amanda Pfefferkorn

I stopped by and spoke with Maggie Pollio. She was so informative and helpful with making a decision. She showed me many different pianos and explained how and why they sound different and to identify the sound I am looking for in my own piano. I am renting one for now and with time hope to purchase. I would highly recommend this place to anyone with an interest in playing, renting or purchasing. All the people were kind and helpful, no one was snobby or rude, which is something I was afraid of since pianos seem to be a high end sort of thing. Looking forward to taking lessons in the near future.

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Rose Carmouche

My buying experience at Houston Piano Company was wonderful! They have such an extensive inventory of every brand, type and style of piano you can imagine. Maggie Pollio gave me a most informative and comprehensive tour, answering all my questions and providing information on each specific brand and piano that I was interested in seeing. I must have missed the sales pitch as Maggie let the pianos speak for themselves exemplifying all the things she had informed me of. I felt very comfortable and pleased with my selection which was beautiful in both appearance and timbre. From the selection process to signing the purchase agreement all went very smoothly and favorably impressive to me.
Thanks Houston Piano Company and Maggie for a great experience.

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Jose Arturo Rodriguez

This place is incredible. Maggie P showed me around and allowed me to compare and contrast the different pianos. She is incredibly knowledgeable and kind. She shared her knowledge and explained the stubble differences between touch, brightness and depth in the different models, styles and brands. I would gladly give my business to this place any day.

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Kay. .S

Excellent Experience - Maggie took the time to explain to us all our options (rent versus own), the different types of pianos, the brands etc. We didnt feel hurried to purchase but ended up choosing a great piano! They also never forget to send us the tuning reminders every year. Great customer service and after sales support.

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Shannon Boone

I spent several weeks coming to the store and playing all of the pianos! Maggie Pollio was very helpful and patient with me, and was informative and supportive through my buying process. I ended up with an A. Geyer 4'11" baby grand and I'm very happy! I still visit and they continue to help me with the regular tuning and moving of the piano. I've been coming to this place since I was a child and the family friendly environment is warm and welcoming! Thanks again Maggie!

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Melissa Lundberg

We had the pleasure of working with Maggie to purchase an upright piano for our family. Since I do not play I was very apprehensive about ending up with a piano that was more than we needed or could afford. Maggie put me right at ease and helped me to feel comfortable throughout the whole process. She made sure we purchased one we were knowledgeable about and comfortable with the payments, all while making sure it was the best piano we could afford! We will absolutely be back to see her when it is time to upgrade and will refer her to all of our friends! Thanks Maggie!

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Liam Smith

We loved our experience purchasing a piano here. There is an extensive selection of pianos to choose from in multiple buildings. The best part was our salesperson, Maggie, who was incredibly helpful and devoted a lot of time to educate us (first-time piano buyers) on all the factors to take into account when purchasing a piano, like the sound/voice and feel. If you have a little extra time to spend and are inexperienced or first-time piano buyers, the background and education Maggie provided was incredibly helpful, and made us feel confident we were choosing the best piano for our budget and preference in sound. Additionally, we felt the prices were excellent and the full future trade-in value is an amazing feature, giving us an added sense of security in our purchase.

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Kelly Jones

I highly recommend buying your piano from Maggie Pollio, she was wonderful! She knows her stuff, is eager to help and is very fun and friendly. I went into buy a piano and was impressed with her knowledge of pianos and the music industry in general. She factored in the size, brand, and most importantly my budget, when helping me to choose my piano. I so appreciated how she didn’t waste her time (or mine!) trying to up-sell me on something I couldn’t afford. My piano sounds and looks beautiful and I’m very happy with the warranty that they offer.
Whether you’re a student, former student, or a piano teacher like me, you’re sure to find a great deal from Maggie Pollio at Houston Piano Company!


I appreciate all you have done to help me find the right piano for our family. I am very happy and everything you did to provide such outstanding customer service. You took care of us and made the process very pleasant.
Thank You!


Paul K.

My experience with Maggie Pollio at Houston Piano Company was a gratifying and memorable one. It took me multiple visits to the store to finally choose my new beautiful baby grand piano to own. Maggie treated me with the utmost of professionalism. The great variety of pianos to choose from was far superior to any other store in the Houston area. I’m not sure I would have ever been able to finally select a piano to own without Houston Piano Co. I deeply appreciate what they have done for me! They also continue to answer any questions I may have about caring for my piano.


I appreciate your piano service. You not only help us choose a best piano for our family, but also, go beyond the sale, give us the candid advice on how to introduce piano/music to our youngsters, and share the behavior philosophy that piano bring to their life and future success. I am truly impressed by your passion and effort as an educator to introduce piano in the community. I am sure all the families you have had serviced feel the same way. Your service set up a standard for the piano community as well.

Vera and Liangzhe Zhang

We found the Chinese piano lady’s information online while shopping for a piano a year ago. Maggie was very patient and helpful during this process. She introduced us to the tens of brands of pianos they had in house and helped us to make a decision. Piano shopping is not easy and she has made an enjoyable journey for us. We finally decided to take a brand new Brodmann6’2”grand piano home which we enjoyed to this day. Thanks, Maggie!

Lili Cong

We shopped a EU122 piano from Maggie last April and we are very happy with our purchase. Before the purchase, I did some research online about different kind of pianos and decided to go for EU 122 as it is very high quality and not as expensive as Yamaha and Kawai. I contacted Maggie and she was very helpful in answering my questions. My daughter has used it for year till now and she likes it very much. Thanks to Maggie for his wonderful service.

Fan Yang

Maggie’s service to my family while we were in the store shopping for a piano was very patient, very professional, explained every question we asked with pleasure. The quality is the most important fact when I decided on the piano I purchased and then the price. I did not really know about the brand. My piano purchased from Maggie is in a good condition.It’s sound so beautiful. We love it.

Andy Loe and family

Dear Ms. Maggie,

We are very happy with our purchase of the Pearl River piano for our daughter, and most importantly, we are glad that we stop by at the Houston Piano Company. Ms. Maggie has so much knowledge about any pianos that made our buying experience very pleasant. The piano of our choice has been great. We are very happy with the sound quality, and our daughter has been playing it a lot. Thank you again Ms. Maggie, and we definitely always refer our friends to the Houston Piano Company for their piano need.


身為專業的鋼琴表演與教育工作者 我深深了解好的樂器是如何讓孩子學琴事半功倍,讓演出者更能自在的詮釋音樂. 感謝Maggie親切及專業的服務,和她細心為顧客需求著想的態度. 她的推薦讓我們學校的音樂廳更加完美. 康博士學苑 音樂主任

Nancy Jane Otto

Prior to purchasing my piano from Houston Piano Company, I had shopped around for several months. The minute I walked into Houston Piano Company and met with Maggie, I knew I’d found the right place to purchase my new piano. Maggie spent acouple of hours with me, patiently explaining the different studio pianos, the pros and cons of each, playing on each one to let me. I’m her customer for life!

John Krystyniak

Working with Ms. Ying was an absolute pleasure. All of the details of our rental were handled with efficiency and expertise. She listened to what our needs were and came up with a situation that worked wonderfully!

Darrell J.

I have played the piano for over 25 years and have used many, many different pianos. After owning a Pearl River for over a decade, I can earnestly say that Pearl River gives an astounding value for the amount of money you will spend. Pearl River pianos are not only very aesthetically pleasing, but also sound very beautiful. The tones are rich and colorful, causing the ear to be taken wherever the music was intended to transport the listener. If you have not yet seen one, I suggest that you try one out soon. You will not be disappointed!

Shirley M. Martin

Maggie, thank you so much for sharing the love of music and family. We have been so blessed to have the piano back in our home. When the girls surprised me with the delivery, I just started to cry. I never wanted to sell my piano so this really brought an emotional gift back into my life. Your skills of just gently sharing the beauty that surrounds you amongst the pianos sold the girls on the return of their love…music. Thank you so much.

Greg and Phyllis Gurbach

We would like to highly recommend the Houston Piano Company. Since beginning our quest to purchase our new grand piano (a lifetime dream come true for this music educator) Maggie Ying, “the piano lady”, treated us with such professionalism and personal kindness. Our choice was not difficult to make. Maggie’s knowledge and expertise were honest, candid and helpful. Not only did Maggie help in our search but after our purchase she stored our piano until we were ready to have it delivered, then took our studio Baldwin, found it a loving home and sent us a check.

Sven Schuessler

I really am still basking in the glow of what has turned out to be an amazing gift! My fingers are once again finding there way now that I have some sheet music in front of me, but I obviously need more practice! I have forgotten – or never realized – how relaxing playing a piano can be, and I really love sitting down and playing. I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done to help Nikki and I during this whole process. We will always remember buying our piano from the nicest Chinese Piano Lady in all of Houston!

Paul & Linda

When I first started researching Pianos for my home I naturally was drawn to both the Yamaha and Kawai brands. Mostly because they are well know brands. As I learned more about what makes a piano different and where they are built I decided to purchase an upright 48″ Kawai in late 1990 over the Yahama. I felt the Kawai was a better built piano and I liked the sound better than the much brighter sound of the Yahama. Enjoy the music!

Mr. Wilfrido

I walked in the Piano store with little to none knowledge about pianos. I was curious about a piano that was appropriate for a 6yr old kid and within a limited budget. Ms. Maggie was fantastic at explaining the pros and cons of pianos vs. electronic weighed key keyboards and was very patient while showing me the many varieties of pianos the store had to offer. She took all the time necessary to educate me about the right type of piano for a beginner and was never pushy as one would expect from the typical seller. Buying our piano was one of the most pleasurable experiences I have ever had with a sales person. Ms. Maggie showed incredible enthusiasm towards her job and was very courteous and respectful of my time.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Maggie or the Houston Piano Company to anyone.

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