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NAMM 2018 – The largest musical instrument trade show in USA

[caption id="attachment_2775" align="alignnone" width="300"] NAMM 2018[/caption] NAMM 2018 starts on January 25th, every year they host the music trade show in California (for trade only) at the Anaheim Convention center.  The organizers have promised this year’s event to be bigger and better.   There will be 4 days of...

5L2F II: Supporting Music With a Spiritual Difference

[caption id="attachment_2770" align="alignnone" width="300"] 5L2F II: Supporting Music With a Spiritual Difference[/caption] Five Loaves Two Fish II: Wood, Steel, & Song is the 2nd full-length music album by Caleb Sturgis a musician based in Katy, Texas. This album comes out following the first one in 2014. The...


If you're looking for a piano for your home and don't know where to start?  You don't want to miss this video.

I am a piano consultant working with the Houston Piano Company.  Houston Piano Company holds the largest inventory of both new and used pianos in the Houston market along with a stellar reputation of providing a quality, full-service piano buying experience.

Given the wide selection of both new and used pianos, my process begins with providing an overview into the piano market so together we can define the right piano for you.

Call or Text 832.594.7267 or

What are the Differences Between Performance & Consumer Graded Pianos?

[caption id="attachment_2763" align="alignnone" width="300"] What are the Differences Between Performance & Consumer Graded Pianos?[/caption] Many people are surprised to learn that some grand pianos can cost as much as a supercar.  With some performance grand pianos costing as much as $150,000, there is a world of difference...

The Power of Music – Sound of Success

[caption id="attachment_2748" align="alignnone" width="300"] The Power of Music – Sound of Success[/caption] In the new year of 2018, let's plan to have music empower our day, no matter what styles, types or genres they all can affect the need for a successful mindset and attitude. Music is universal human language. Apparently,...

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