6 Practical Piano Tips to Improve Your Play Quickly

The holidays are just around the corner and what is your new year revolution for piano practice?  Do you feel like your piano skills have stagnated no matter how long you practice? Indeed, there are many piano players who become frustrated by the seeming lack of progress. While practicing plays a big part in becoming a good piano player, there are a few other practical tips you can use in becoming a better player.

Stretch and Relax

Playing the piano requires good eye to hand coordination as well as dexterity in the hands and fingers. This is only possible if the whole of the upper body is at ease with a good upright posture. Stretch before playing to warm up and loosen muscles in the upper body and hands.

Shorter Sessions

Unlike boxing or other endurance exercises, piano skills are largely mental. You can only play what your brain has retained. Brain experts say the human brain is wired to retain 15 minutes of continuous musical notes. After this, your grasp of the music becomes patchy. Take a break between sessions.

Play What You Love

Instead of taking on complicated pieces that you have a hard time mastering, play pieces that you love. If you can become good at them, you can translate these skills when you start tackling the harder pieces.

Learn From the Masters

The good thing is that there is YouTube these days to instruct you on any subject, piano playing included. Watch and subscribe to YouTube channels of great piano players. If one happens to come to town, attend the live performance. You could pick some serious skills.

Work on Your Sight Reading Skills

If you can’t read music very well, then you keep stuttering on the notes and other minor mishaps that are notable to a keen musical ear. By perfecting your sight reading skills, you make your music flawless as you can fairly predict what the next notes will be for a seamless performance.

Back to the Basics

Pick up a techniques book and you might be surprised at how much you have become ignorant of the basics. Go back to the basics once in a while and see how well this adds on your presentation skills.  

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