9 Reasons Why Adults Should Learn to Play the Piano

Research has shown that eight out of ten adults who never learned to play any musical instrument, such as a piano, wish they had. It is never too late for anybody, even adults in their 60s or 70s, to learn to play something as cool as a piano. In fact, the benefits that you get from learning to play the piano in your adulthood far outweigh the negatives. The sense of accomplishment has no monetary value.

Playing the piano has intellectual, social, mental, and physical benefits. With this newly acquired skill, you will see a big improvement in your spatial, engineering, science, and mathematics reasoning. Your memory storage improves a lot; you’re able to concentrate and multitask better; you become more creative; your knowledge of culture improves; and, you become more musically aware. Also, your hand to eye coordination improves as you learn to play the piano.

Below are reasons showing why adults will benefit from taking piano lessons.

Learn at your own pace and volition

First, the belief that learning to play the piano in your youth or childhood is not always right, or awesome. For the most part, children who learn to play this musical instrument at an early age do so following plenty of persuasion and coercion from their parents. Such children never enjoy the whole experience. On the other hand, adults take these lessons of their own free volition; hence, ensuring that the classes are always full of happy students.

Stress reliever

It is common knowledge that adulthood is a period marked with a lot of stress. Adults have to put up with plenty of stressful situations all the time. Piano lessons can provide an avenue through which they deal with the stress effectively. Learning to play a piano, and actually playing it, is a better way of dealing with stress compared to taking pills. The rewards are better than spending countless hours and all your money on alcohol, or drugs.

Stimulating the brain

Adults are more focused compared to the youth and children. They know what they want. Their health is more important than at any other time in life. The good news is that learning to play the piano has several health benefits. As previously stated, piano helps you to deal with stress. Apart from that, the exercise stimulates your brain. The lessons offer an effective way of improving Neural Connections. Also, your hand muscles grow stronger the more you play the piano.

Improved ability to grasp complex concepts

Adults are able to grasp the more complex and abstract concepts compared to teens and small kids. Contrary to popular belief, you can teach new tricks to an old dog. Adults can learn to translate the complex concepts associated with the piano into majestic hand movements that glide over the piano almost effortlessly. Adults have a more open mindset that’s not limited with perceptions and visions of the future.

Improved vocabulary

Learning to play the piano is a great way for adults to improve their vocabulary. The neural pathway that the brain follows when learning speech and language improves significantly the more you expose it to learning this new skill. You learn to be a better musician as you incorporate language into musical words, notes, and sounds using the piano. The fact that you become more keenly aware of the sounds the piano produces makes you able to listen better.

Boosts self-confidence

As previously stated, the sense of accomplishment associated with learning to play a piano well – even if not at the pro level yet – can improve your self-confidence substantially. Adults who learn to play this musical instrument cannot equate this feeling of accomplishment with any other. The perseverance needed to sit through the multiple classes and lessons to learn to play the piano improves your confidence and self-discipline levels to greater heights.

Boosts memory and concentration

The boost that such lessons give to your memory cannot be compared to any other thing. Music lessons have a major effect on neuroplasticity. Essentially, what this means is that the training makes the brain more capable of changing and adapting. In many ways, this sort of training has similar benefits to what a person gets from spending countless hours in the gym on exercises. Music is resourceful at toning the brain and making it more auditory fit.

Strengthens joints

The bodily joints need to be as healthy as the rest of your body. Adults know how much negativity and immobility can creep into their bodies, especially when the joints grow stiffer. Learning to play the piano enables adults to improve the health of their joints significantly. As you grow older, any kind of movement of any part of your body has several health benefits. As you play the piano daily, the common swelling on your wrists and hands will disappear.

Good for hormonal and emotional wellbeing

Lastly, playing the piano in old age has a positive bearing on your hormones and emotional wellbeing. Your emotions and hormones will keep changing as you grow older. Playing, or learning to play, the piano relieves stress and improves moods. It allows you to experience good feelings. The joy and satisfaction derived from playing the piano, especially if you learned the craft from scratch, are unmatched. Also, playing the piano is a fun and enjoyable activity.

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