Why is Music Education Important for Youngsters?

The effect of music on the human mind is undisputed and has been documented from time immemorial. Scientists say the human psyche is hardwired to appreciate music. They have documented the different effects that music can have on the heartbeat, pulse and blood pressure. There is music in every aspect of human life; birthday parties, church, movie theaters, military parades, Continue Reading

How to Move Your Piano Safely

Holiday is here, and for sure many of the families would love to have a piano before the Christmas.  For those who are intending to move a piano themselves, the saying “Pianos are difficult to move to another house” is soon realized.   Because pianos are incredibly heavy and bulky. The piano is also one of the most complicated pieces of Continue Reading

China’s piano music summary

Although historically the piano has been associated with Europe and the west, it has become a leading musical instrument in China over the years. Pianos were initially destroyed as being part of a symbol of the capitalists. But today, an estimated 40 million children are learning to play the piano in China motivated by the success of pianists, Lang Lang Continue Reading

6 Practical Piano Tips to Improve Your Play Quickly

The holidays are just around the corner and what is your new year revolution for piano practice?  Do you feel like your piano skills have stagnated no matter how long you practice? Indeed, there are many piano players who become frustrated by the seeming lack of progress. While practicing plays a big part in becoming a good piano player, there Continue Reading

How music impacts our lives

Music is an integral and powerful tool in our day to day lives.  Although we rarely acknowledge the impacts it has in our lives, it has the power to communicate, change moods, and give perspective. It has the power to bring people closer together as well as bridging gaps between conflicted people.  Music has become part of our lives in Continue Reading

How and Where to Sell Your Piano

As a prized possession with an emotional attachment, a piano is a tricky item to sell. You watched your children learn Bach on it, you played it for calm in troubled times and you entertained guests on it. How much do you value an item like this?  Many people wanting to sell a piano will keep postponing it and leave Continue Reading

A-Geyer Piano Brand – A Product of Passion and Expertise

What goes into making the ideal piano? For A-Geyer, it takes passion, expertise, and over a decade of experience studying the best piano practices from all over the world. A-Geyer pianos have been setting the standard in the market for over a century, and the brand is among the most sought-after brands in the world. Tracing the Origin of A-Geyer Continue Reading

9 Reasons Why Adults Should Learn to Play the Piano

Research has shown that eight out of ten adults who never learned to play any musical instrument, such as a piano, wish they had. It is never too late for anybody, even adults in their 60s or 70s, to learn to play something as cool as a piano. In fact, the benefits that you get from learning to play the Continue Reading

Has Your Piano Been Damaged by Water?

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, several piano owners have to contend with instruments damaged by water in differing extents.   A piano suffers water damage if the water level rises beyond the piano case.  The piano becomes hard to restore if the strings action and soundboard become water logged which leads to glue failure. The glue will come apart Continue Reading

What Piano Lessons Can Adults Learn for the First Time Effectively?

It’s never too late for anybody to learn to play piano. The beginner lessons are not for kids and the young ones alone. Adults, including seniors or the retirees too, can learn some lessons effectively. When you consider that there are 88 keys in a single piano, you may not believe that it’s an instrument that you can learn. Acoustic Continue Reading