Bösendorfer Pianos: A History

Bösendorfer is one of the most respected piano manufacturers in the world since it was founded in 1828 by Ignaz Bösendorfer. The brand is known for their original pianos and credited with many innovations in piano construction.


Ignaz Bösendorfer started his piano making business in Vienna on July 23, 1828, when he first registered his company. Since then, Bösendorfer earned a reputation for high-quality pianos that were respected for their craftsmanship and features. The company achieved a landmark in 1830 when it was announced as the official piano maker to the Emperor of Austria.

After the death of Ignaz Bösendorfer, his son took over the reins of the business and began an expansion to new cities and more factories in Europe. Carl Hutterstrasser acquired ownership of the company in 1909, and it stayed in the family, handed down to his children till 1931.

1966 marked the beginning of the ownership of the Jasper Corporation which made Kimball Pianos. The Jasper Corporation remained the case for more than three decades before BAWAK PSK Gruppe bought it in 2002. In December of 2007, Bösendorfer officially became the property of Yamaha Corporation which has maintained ownership till date. Despite the sale to Yamaha, all Bösendorfer Grand pianos are produced only in Wiener Neustadt. Because all their pianos go through a premium and rigorous manufacturing process, there are only about 300 new pianos made every year in factories close to the company’s birthplace of Vienna.

What Makes A Bösendorfer Piano

Bösendorfer makes concert pianos that aim to remove any encumbrance between the artist and their imagination, leaving emotions to flow freely from player to instrument. Following the strict foundations laid by Ignaz, Bösendorfer pianos today have advanced the Viennese traditions of piano-making and produced a Grand Piano line today that combines a wide range of bright colors with highly responsive instruments that produce unbeatable music for master pianists at any occasion. The government of Austria recognized the achievements of Bösendorfer Piano company in 2007 which awarded it an Excellence award in appreciation of its results in product quality.

Features and Models of Bösendorfer Pianos

Bösendorfer pianos contain 92 and 97 keys unlike regular pianos with 88 keys. The company produced four series of pianos which catered to different markets. These are the Standard Black Series, the affordable Conservatory Series, the exclusive Designers Models which are luxury personified and lastly, their Special and Limited Edition pianos which are exclusive, with the latest technological advancements.

Bösendorfer manufactures seven grand piano models and two upright piano models with its Imperial Grand 290 being one of the biggest instruments in the world. No matter the size of the piano, Bösendorfer pianos are known for their tonal richness and a high yet balanced volume that carries effectively through any arena.

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