Buying a Pre-Owned Piano – The Benefits and Shortcomings

Every piano enthusiast would love nothing better than to own a new, sleek piano. However, what happens when you cannot get a new piano for reasons such as affordability? Well, if you are really enthusiastic about it, then you will not mind settling for a pre-owned piano.

Pre-owned pianos may not sound or look as appealing as new ones, but they have their benefits too.

Pros of Buying a Pre-owned Piano

They are affordable
New pianos are not cheap. European pianos are priced anywhere between $20,000 and $85,000 while Asian pianos sells for about $5,000 to $20,000. Pre-owned pianos, on the other hand, are mostly valued at a fraction of these prices. This comes as welcome news for price-conscious piano enthusiasts who may not have the money to buy a new piano.

Sound quality improves with time
Quality pianos are somewhat like wine—their quality improves with time. Some old pianos would put their new counterparts to shame when it comes to sound and melody. This is because the aged wood helps refine the sound to produce melodious tunes that would otherwise take years to perfect.

Historical context
Pianos have been around for centuries, and they have always been cherished. In fact, some pianos have survived significant historical events such as world wars. Others have been family treasures that have been passed on from generation to generation. Such pianos are more than just musical instruments—they are historical symbols that hold unknown secrets and developments.

Such pianos are not easy to find, but the market is full of opportunities. Owning such a piano would be a great prestige especially if you fancy antiquities.

They are a source of experience and inspiration
It takes a keen eye and experience to choose the ideal piano regardless of whether it is new or old. Unfortunately, most amateurs do not know what factors to look out for, and many of those who can afford a new piano are often short-changed. This is why most amateurs prefer pre-owned pianos as they are a great source of experience and inspiration.
After all, piano enthusiasts are an optimistic bunch, and many eventually upgrade from their old pianos to new ones.

Stress – A Potential Shortcoming of a Pre-owned Piano
Although pre-owned pianos can be surprisingly beneficial, they also feature some shortcomings that may spoil the experience. The greatest shortcoming of old pianos is susceptibility to stress. Pre-owned pianos may have been played and moved numerous times, and the accumulated string makes them more susceptible to stress. As such, one should be cautious when finalizing the deal and diligent in maintaining and tuning the piano.

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