Choosing the Best Starter Musical Instrument for A Child

Most parents want their kids to play a musical instrument but sometimes get confused as to which one is right for them. While understanding that mastering a musical instrument takes a great deal of practice, it is a rewarding experience that can help children learn self-expression, motor skills, improve their listening and focusing abilities and also improve their self-esteem.

As a parent, helping your child to select a musical instrument also leads to more enjoyable time learning together. There are many things to consider when choosing the best instrument for your child:


The choice of instrument sometimes depends on the age of the child because of their size and height. While you want your child to learn instruments early, his or her first instrument has to be one that he can hold and play comfortably.  An example of an instrument that requires a certain age to start is the trombone. Such instruments are big that only suitable when the child reaches age eight or higher. The piano could start as young as two years old with the Suzuki teaching methods.

Physical strength

The tuba, cello, saxophone, and others are quite heavy to carry and transport and could be difficult for a young child. Also, because some core and back strength is required as well as good posture, make sure your child is strong enough to handle the instrument you choose to prevent injuries to the back, arms or legs. For example, drums are not suitable for children under seven years old as it requires strong hands and feet. That's why most of the parents start with their youngsters with violin, or piano lessons are easy and less stress for the body.


You should also consider your child’s personality in the choice of an instrument. Extroverted children who enjoy lots of attention may be more suited to instruments like the flute, violin or the guitar which allows for differentiation even when part of a larger group.  For children that are more reserved and shy, they will be more suited to the piano which they can perform alone as solos or as part of a musical group.


This is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing an instrument to learn.  Your child must show some level of interest in the instrument, and this would lead up to a natural enthusiasm for it.  A good way to know this is to take the child to a music shop to experience each instrument. There will be one that will stick out and attract the most attention. You can then build on this and let the child try it and see if the interest will take root.

Final thoughts

One of the most recommended musical instruments for kids up to age 10 is the keyboard/ piano. This is because it is quite versatile and easy to learn. Another option is the violin which is one of the most popular string instruments for children to start learning at a young age. For kids older than 10, the drums, trumpet, and clarinet are options to consider. Finally, the determining factor is your child’s interest and your support and encouragement.

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