Houston Ballet Pianist – Tarana Taylor

Tarana Taylor is a trained pianist with experience in the various diversification of music including the solo, the vocal, instrumental, chamber, orchestral, theater, and the ballet music. She attended the Baku music college in Azerbaijan where she obtained a bachelor degree in music piano performance.  She went further to obtain a master degree in piano solo, chamber music at the same music college. She also has a master degree in English translation and MBA degree in marketing and PR.

Mrs. Taylor has a wide knowledge of character music, folk music of different countries. She is very efficient in playing the orchestral reductions with comfort.  Putting music into notes, playing by ear and memorizing music has to be one of her great skills.  She also has an excellent sight reading and the ability to improvise and produce music that fits the steps not only in tempo but also feel and mood for ballet classes.  She has experience in vocal and dance.

Tarana Taylor is also known in the media as she has featured in the Volunteer Initiatives Program about Houston Sister Cities on KHOU in 2013.   In 2015, she featured in the Houston Ballet Company Class for World Ballet Day and in the Dallas TV program about Azerbaijani music in May 2018.  She has featured in the Program about “Fourtissimo” quartet on Al-Jazeera channel, “Gulf Times” and “The “Peninsula” newspaper (also on their websites).  Numerous programs on Azerbaijan TV channels.

She has recently begun a new career in freelancing piano and a teacher as she has begun a special program that teaching pianists how to play for ballet classes and rehearsals and equipping ballet teachers with musical terms and methods of interpreting these musical terms to the pianist.

This great pianist is a member of the American Music Teachers National Association since 2008 and also a member of the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music since 2004.

For more information please call Maggie Pollio – Piano Consultant Houston at 832.594.7267.

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