How and Where to Sell Your Piano

As a prized possession with an emotional attachment, a piano is a tricky item to sell. You watched your children learn Bach on it, you played it for calm in troubled times and you entertained guests on it. How much do you value an item like this?  Many people wanting to sell a piano will keep postponing it and leave the piano to gather dusts. But if you are set on selling your piano, there are some tips you can use to get the best out of it.

Make it Serviceable

If it has been sometime since the piano was serviced, have it looked at. Engage a professional tuner to get it back in pitch. Remember to keep the receipt and any other evidence of regular service of the piano. If the piano needs major repairs, make the decision on whether to bear these costs and pass them to the customer (meaning higher price), or having the customer take it as it is, which might lead to an undervaluation of the piano.

Have a Price

However sentimental you feel about it, you must fix a price. The best way to do it would be to have a professional appraiser do it for you. This can cost you $100-$150 but it would be worth it. you avoid overvaluing and spending too long without selling, or undervaluing and cheating yourself out of good money.

Create an Ad

Many piano sellers fail to attract quality and serious customers for not providing enough information on their ads.

__  Details of the piano including year, make, model, size and color.

__ Current condition of the piano including details of the surface/finish, piano legs, keyboard, pedals, strings, hammers & soundboard.

__ Any extra features & Serial number.

__ Last date of tuning and servicing & Reasons for selling.

Where to Sell

__ Craigslist - This is the easiest place to list your ad. There are many people trawling through ads on Craigslist. The problem is sifting the jokers aside.

__ Music forums/blogs - Post the ad on Facebook groups discussing music and other forums on music blogs. This is more targeted marketing which could get quicker responses.

__ Piano teachers - Piano teachers have access to beginners who would be interested in purchasing a piano for practice.

__ Piano store - Selling through a piano store saves you the hassle of having people coming to your house for viewing.


If you’re thinking to sell your piano please reach out to me at 832.594.7267.  I will give you a free evaluation of your piano and perhaps purchase it from you if they’re in a good condition.

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