How to Move Your Piano Safely

Holiday is here, and for sure many of the families would love to have a piano before the Christmas.  For those who are intending to move a piano themselves, the saying “Pianos are difficult to move to another house” is soon realized.  

Because pianos are incredibly heavy and bulky. The piano is also one of the most complicated pieces of equipment with a very delicate internal mechanism.

Why are pianos so heavy?

Anyone lifting a piano for the first time is usually surprised at how heavy it weighs. These are approximate weights for different pianos:

  • Upright piano- This is the most popular type and weighs 300 – 900 lbs.
  • Baby grand piano – The smaller kind of the grand piano. It weighs 500 – 800 lbs.
  • Grand piano – This is second largest piano and weighs 500 – 1200 lbs.
  • Concert grand piano - The largest kind of piano. They weigh over 1300 lbs.
  • Digital piano – The digital type replicates the stringed instruments minus the complex string mechanism. This makes it lightweight at less than 150 lbs.


The piano is basically a cast iron harp with over 7,000 finely tuned parts. It would be hard to lift anything other than a digital piano on your own.  In fact, it is highly inadvisable trying to move the heavy piano on your own.  There are personal risk injury and financial loss risks involved.  The concert grand piano costs over $120,000, so moving one of these requires a professional moving company with the required hoisting equipment and insurance cover.


Equipment needed

You will need some things to safely lift, hoist, load and unload a piano when moving it:

  • Piano covers and straps – These will keep the moving parts in place
  • Gloves – To give a firm non-slippery grip on the piano
  • Dolly – A wheeled makes moving easier. Do not trust the wheels on the piano legs as they are only for decoration.
  • Piano shoes – Some pianos can be moved on their sides by placing them on specially designed wheels


Lifting a piano

Moving even the ordinary upright piano is a delicate exercise.  You should recruit at least 4 other people in this exercise.  Even with a dolly, it is highly inadvisable to drag the piano on the ground.  This is because the small bumps and dents on a floor can upset the tuning of the piano. 


Use these tips to make the move safer for your piano:

  • Close the lid to protect the keys. Secure the lid with a lock or stretch tape
  • Cover the entire piano with the blankets and secure tightly with straps to prevent scuffing
  • Remove the metal casters to balance the load evenly on the dolly

Remember to use professional movers if you can’t recruit enough help, or when moving the larger pianos. 


If you're looking for a piano moving company, please contact or call 832.594.7267



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