Is Musical Talent by Nature or Learned?

Musical Talent can be an inborn ability, but unless a person takes the time to learn the skills to enhance their talent, it will usually never go too far.  There are only a few people born with musical talent, or talent of any other kind, so most people will need to learn the talent that they desire.

A person that has slight talent when they are younger may find that as they continue to practice and learn, their talent ratio soars later in life.  However, thousands of people can practice for twelve hours a day with the little talent that they started with and still not achieve the talent or results that they want.  The reason for this is they might not have the passion that they need, and their hearts are not being put into the music that they are performing or creating.

Anyone that wants to turn their talent into something major will need to decide that they need to be intentional about their music.  If a person loves to play, but hates to practice, then music might not be the talent that they need to focus on.  After all, no one can turn into a professional without spending lots of time practicing and honing their skills.

Those who know that music is the talent that they want to pursue can easily make small changes to ensure that they learn exactly what they need to in order to get better.  Smaller steps normally lead to massive gains, even if they still seem small at the time.  In fact, everyone must be aware of the fact that they must practice thousands of hours minimum to truly become good at one thing!  That means that once a person masters one musical technique, they must practice thousands of more hours to master another.

No one ever truly stops learning when it comes to music, which is why it is easy to say that musical talent is learned.  There may be a few exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, even those who have slight musical talent by nature need to learn more if they really want to have extraordinary talent.

Some people will say that they acquired their musical talent from their parents or grandparents, and this may be true.  However, without the passion and time spent honing their skills and learning more, they probably would not get as far as they could within this industry.

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