Music Inspiration for Winter Olympics 2018

We are the Champions

Fans of the 2018 winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang were pleasantly surprised to see and hear all ice skaters performing to inspiring music. This year’s games allowed all ice skaters to do so. This is a difference from other games where only ice dancers are allowed to perform with music soundtracks playing. Which music tracks would be inspiring for the games?

We are the Champions –Queen

The title says it all. Freddie Mercury’s voice in this classic can urge anyone along to do their best. This track will usually be heard when the Olympians are on the podium, but the message to fight till the end is good motivation for a strong performance in the games.

Youth –Daughter

This number by British indie rockers has the tempo perfect for an ice skater. There are several crescendos and dramatic openers that are good motivation for the slide, glide and jump off of ice skaters. Not to mention that the lyrics are just soulful. The outro of the electric guitar and tom-toms is the perfect curtain closer for a series of spins and jumps to close a powerful performance.

Believer – Imagine Dragons

Who dares wins! The prize does not come cheap. This track by Imagine Dragons is a powerful self- motivation backdrop when faced with stiff competition. It is an empowering message for an athlete to believe in his/her ability to go through the pain, get through it all, and come out on top.

Legends – Sleeping With Sirens

"We can be wild,

We can be free,

We can be anything in life we want to be..

We can be legends after all."

These are the lyrics to Team USA’s winter Olympic Games theme song. It is a powerful motivator to go out there and be the best among the best, which is a legend.

Two of Hearts – Stacy Q

This is a beautiful track for paired ice skating where synchronization is a marks earner. Two of hearts that beat as one would be a good accompaniment to two athletes on the ice making the perfect timed moves just like tow hearts beating as one.

Life’s About to Get Good- Shania Twain

This beautiful song about the beauty of life embodies the global spirit of the winter Olympics. It is the perfect song for an event that is made possible by the wonders of Mother Nature. This song inspires another look at the snow-covered hills of Pyeongchang.

Beautiful music for the games can push and inspire athletes to higher limits, and also give the fans something beautiful to accompany the wonder of the games.

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