Piano Teachers

Selecting a Piano Teacher who is not only a master at their craft but also very apt and experienced at various levels of teaching is extremely important. This ensures the student will be receiving the best possible music lessons which generally prolongs the student’s interest in music and in playing the piano. Over the last 25 years, I have developed strong professional relationships with Piano Teachers throughout Houston and many of them are in bilingual - English & Mandarin.  Please ask me for suggestions; I would be happy to assist you.

There are many Music Teachers Associations in town where you can find piano teachers near you, as a courtesy, I'm here to provide the association's link if you need more detail regarding any of their information you can either contact me or the organization itself.

MTNA - Music Teachers National Association

HMTA - Houston Music Teachers Association

CCMTA - Cypress Creek Music Teachers Association

KHMTA - Kingwood Humble Music Teachers Association

KMTA - Katy Music Teachers Association

Private Piano Teachers in Houston and Surrounding area

If you didn't find a teacher in your area, please call 832.594.7267 or email to maggie@chinesepianolady.net  I would be happy to provide information to you.

Yanira Soria 77004
Mei Lian 77005
Mandy Kung 77005
Johnny Foster 77008
Lauren Gastineau 77009
Donna Cameron 77018
Sherry Gealy 77024
Chiuonglien Liu 77025
Laurie Lindemulder 77027
Jiena Gu 77036
Franci Di 77042
Alicia Shirley 77042
Yuko Yamaguchi 77050
Susanna Chan 77054
Natasha Ramirez 77056
Olga A. Marek 77057
Sin-Hwee Roscoe 77063
Ann Olson 77064
Li-En Jung 77071
Amy Lauro 77074
Kelly Jones 77077
Houston Music Institute Inc. 77079
Corey Tu 77081
KiKi Zhang 77082
Cixi Lo 77082
Eunhee Lee 77082
Nancy Hauseweight 77089
Joshua Chua 77096
Jenny Yang 77096
Natalie Hall 77098
Tara Hatt 77339
Connie Chow 77379
Linda Jackson 77379
Darrell Jenkins 77380
Jennifer Ott 77386
Iris Beatty 77401
Huay Ming Loh 77429
Penny Hsieh 77433
Kankan Qian 77450
Phoebe Zhao 77450
Carmen Yip 77450
Lynn Pao 77450
Ruby Duan 77450
Lana Shilnikov 77450
Shelley Clair 77459
Cindy Tan 77459
Joyce Mong 77459
Linzi Wen 77477
Rada Bukhman 77478
Helen Tan 77479
Sophia Litvak 77479
Mildred T. Halbert 77489
Virginia Nance 77584
Eka Tvaladze 77684
Elizabeth Birnel Tomball