Significant Reasons For Your Family to Learn the Piano

Before the world of digital music, pianos were how families enjoyed music in their homes and at gatherings. Playing the piano is a beautiful skill that does more than entertain. It teaches skills in sight-reading, spatial awareness, and concepts of music theory. Music education has come to show many benefits in the lives of adults and especially children.

 Educational Benefits

Music research has shown that children learn skills that easily transfer from piano to other subjects such as multi-tasking, motor skills, memory, mathematics, linguistics (identifying sounds and words), and learning development. The list goes on. Music is a type of education that young children can grasp which enhances their formal education. Reports demonstrate heightened IQs, better test scores, and more participatory students.

Stress Benefits

The piano reduces stress by focusing the mind. Between hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and creativity, the mind can narrow focus onto the music at hand. Most significantly, practicing creativity allows the player to express their emotions and add life to a piece of music. Playing relieves stress from the day due to concentration and enjoyment of expression.


Learning to play the piano uses many skills, mentioned above, but also boosts skills in social interaction and confidence. By performing on the piano, a child or adult must face the fear of being in front of an audience. Especially as a beginning student, short and simple songs are a great way to get their feet wet performing. Once those smaller triumphs are tackled, longer and higher level performances become more comfortable and natural, reducing shyness and building self-confidence. Those are priceless feats that drastically improve anyone’s life, no matter the age or occupation.

While we may be in an age where music is immediately available at our fingertips, creating music can be a special and intimate experience for families, friends, and audiences. Music education enhances every life and every age.

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