Maggie 小姐之服務品質很棒的,她不會讓客人感到壓力,兩年前我向她購買了初體驗的Kimball直立式鋼琴,今天她推薦我買演奏琴不厭其煩的介紹了各種琴的特色,如尖的,方的,圓的音質,這是我的解讀,之後,我挑一部A.Geyer 鋼琴,並且退還兩年前買的Kimball,並扣除當初購買之價格,否則家裏要放置兩台琴。

(Translated by Google) Great quality of service for Miss Maggie, she will not make the guests feel the pressure, two years ago I purchased her first experience Kimball upright piano, and she recommended I buy today, playing piano patiently describes the characteristics of a variety of piano, such as sharp, square, round sound, this is my interpretation, then, I picked a A.Geyer piano, and refunded bought two years ago Kimball, and deduct the purchase price of the original, or home to place the two piano.
She really is very intimate, very commendable.

The source from Chinese Piano Lady - Maggie Google Reviews