I highly recommend Maggie to anyone in the market for a piano!  I am fortunate that I connected with Maggie at the beginning of my search for a baby grand.  I had spent a few days on my own trying to figure out my options, and that was enough time to help me immediately recognize the value that Maggie was offering at our initial meeting.

Her line of questioning helped me to better understand what I was seeking in a replacement for my Baldwin upright. She encouraged me not to have bias towards any particular instrument or brand until I understood my preferences for sound (tone, color, brightness, richness, etc.).  She is patient with the process of discovery and has a wide variety of both new and used pianos to try in her inventory.

I was impressed with Maggie's professionalism, in-depth knowledge of the industry (historical, current and future trends), and desire to understand my personal needs and budget.  She saved me hours of research and shopping around.  She accommodated my bringing my husband and kids to help select the final piano and was so gracious and friendly.

Maggie's post-sale support is fantastic; she does not disappear after the sale. The first tuning is free, and her recommended tuner was so good that I am hiring him to come back to tune the upright piano that I ended up keeping. I am very happy with my new baby grand and again highly endorse Maggie!

The source from Chinese Piano Lady - Maggie Google Reviews