I agree with the other reviews of Maggie. Firstly, the size and amount of inventory was great. There were several different models and makes, which for me was an 'ear' opening experience to hear the sound that can come out of another brand of piano (outside the Big 3-4). The show room was clean and well cared for, indicating the pianos are cared for a great deal, so you know you are getting a quality product.

Maggie talked to me about what i was looking for, showed me around the entire store and had me try pianos i wasn't sure about. She took her time with me and left me to play a while to see if the instrument was a fit. She came back to check on me, gathered more info and introduced me to other options. It was great! She knew the pianos and brands well and could direct me to an instrument that fit my style of music. She explained to me the difference in sound and quality and broke me of my preconceived notions of what the 'best piano' is.

The sales process was easy and all details were outlined. Service is also great, I've started to use Maggie's preferred tuner (by ear). Finally, we made a match - went with a 7'3" Feurich, it is glorious! Thanks Maggie!

The source from Chinese Piano Lady - Maggie Google Reviews