Maggie is amazing. She actually cares more about your purchasing the right piano for your needs, than upselling you. I was looking for a particular mid treble presence, and then was conflicted about it. All of the complexities about purchasing a piano asserted themselves upon me. Sound, brand, touch, feel, size, delicacy, power, budget. She read my facial reaction, and encouraged me to follow my instincts. I asked her if needed to spend more money. She said, "No, this is the right piano for you. I saw your reaction." I believe her spiritual sensitivity is at play.

It appears that benevolence and caring about musical legacies that are left is important to her. Work with Maggie!!!!!!!! She is also kind and generous, and donated in loving memory of a fallen soldier she never met, my son in law to be. My daughter, family, and I were devastated. Her kindness and generosity comforted me many times. We need more Maggies.

The source from Chinese Piano Lady - Maggie Google Reviews