The Sound Engineer – Andy Bradly


This interview begins with Andy stating what he thinks the music industry is like in Houston. While hip hop is popular, no one really focuses on one genre in this city. He has many stories about artists that he has worked with over the years. One story that he talks about in this video is the one about Beyonce and how he worked with her when she was starting out.

As artists come into the studio, engineers need to be chosen to assist. While everyone cannot be the perfect one for every musician, there is no animosity or tension between recording engineers. Andy shares the process of how recording engineers are chosen for each artist.

He also shares how the recording studio that he now works in was created and who helped get it off the ground.  While Andy loves his job, he is looking forward to his semi-retirement. He plans to focus some of his time on two books that he wants to write. He shares the details of each one during this interview and cannot wait to get started on them in his free time.


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