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The Pearl River Piano Group was established in 1956 and over the past six decades, has become the manufacturer of the world’s best-selling piano as well as the largest piano manufacturer in the world. The company is based in China, produces more than 120,000 pianos every year by over 2,000 workers. Their pianos are shipped to more than 100 countries worldwide. With a countrywide acceptance in China, it is no surprise that the brand has risen to become the manufacturer of the world’s best piano. It is also the first Chinese manufacturer to get the ISO 9001 rating and has recently gotten the ISO 14001 award.

Pearl River has collaborated with other piano manufacturers to produce pianos such as the “Essex” piano line which they collaborated with Steinway & Sons to produce budget pianos in 2005. This collaboration was made so that Steinway Dealers can put a budget piano on the market alongside the Steinway and Kawai built Boston instrument. Pearl River also worked with Yamaha in 1995 to set up a factory where they can manufacture pianos designed for the Chinese market. Pearl River has signed contracts with a lot of big piano stores in the United States to produce their house brand pianos.

Pearl River is one of the few Chinese piano manufacturers that have marketed their pianos under their name. It is also the company from China to sell pianos in the United States using their company name. Pearl River started the design of their first high-end piano known as the Ritmuller series in 2007 which is different from the traditional Pearl River line of pianos. The piano series were released into the North American market in 2009. Recently, with the Kayserburg Artists Series, Pearl River has tried to capture the upper-level market in North America. The new series which were manufactured by more experienced craftsmen are made with solid soundboards made from spruce and other quality materials. In 2016, Pearl River finalized the purchase of the famous piano brand, Schimmel although the Schimmel factory has not yet been moved from Germany to China.

Pearl River’s rise to prominence can be attributed to the fact that the company produces budget and affordable instruments. The company has, over the past few years, improved its quality control, and this has made them a choice for those looking for an instrument to play as beginners.

In 2012, the company had a successful IPO after which a new, modern factory was built on a 3.5 million sq. ft. which was completed in 2018. The factory’s operations will comply with European high-level process standards and technology with the aid of CNC digital machinery and traditional craftsmanship. Pearl River has also in recent years, worked with piano design consultants from America and Europe. The company has released newer piano models, and older models have been reviewed to make sure they meet up with modern standards.

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