Traditional Chinese Flute Teacher and Performer – Sylvia Yixiu Yan

This month in our " Applause to the Musician" interview, the host Jerry Pollio interviewing Chinese Bamboo Flute Teacher Sylvia Yixiu Yan lives in Katy Texas. She discusses the variety of Chinese Bamboo Flutes as well as her experiences participating in flute competitions throughout China beginning at a young age.   

Yixiu relates that the traditional Chinese bamboo flutes which are handcrafted in a variety of keys, sizes, and styles are more popular now than when she was a youngster. She continued teaching Chinese Bamboo Flute to after immigrating to the US.

She teaches both Chinese Youth and Adults who are predominately American born. These lessons enabled them to engage with their cultural roots a world apart. As an International Chinese Bamboo Flute Performer, Ms. Yan continues to perform live, on television and at events as her teaching schedule permits.

Currently instructing 18 students, Bamboo Flute Teacher Sylvia Yixiu Yan reiterates what all music teachers preach, practice is essential. She emphasizes that practice must begin on day one when learning to play the bamboo flute. She demonstrates her ability to hold a note for an extended time, which she tells the host is a practiced ability.

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