What is the perfect age to learn piano.

This is a question people often ask. Some parent often time ask if their 2 years old kid could start learning piano. The answer to this is ‘no’ the cognitive abilities, attention span and fine motor skills at this age do not meet the criteria for learning piano. A 6 year – old who receives keyboard instruction has more brain growth and better fine motor skills than his peers.


The best age to start learning piano will be different for every child, although most will be ready between the ages of 5 to 8 years old. Below are some of the requirements before a child can begin to learn piano.

1. Finger Independence
A child learning how to play piano needs to be able to move his fingers individually. A child who is able to use three different fingers on three black keys is good to begin a piano lesson. Versus a child who can only play just by picking out the tune with a finger is perhaps not yet ready.

2. Interest in music and the will to learn
At any age, motivation is a crucial factor in terms of learning. If a child is not interested in learning the piano then the parent should cultivate interest in music.

3. Size of hand
A child learning how to play piano should be able to comfortably place five fingers on five adjacent white keys. Before starting to learn piano, be sure your child’s hands have grown enough to be comfortable on the keyboard.

When is the best time for me?

You can start piano class after five and all the way up to adult although it is true that there are advantages to beginning earlier for one reason, younger children have more flexible hands. Children above this age who have never studied any instrument including adult learners, often have to overcome finger awkwardness. This can be subdued with desire and practice, but it will require more effort. Studies also reveal that young children can learn complex brain skills like languages easier than older children because their brains are still developing. These years are really the best time to develop musical intelligence. Older children can learn too, it will just require additional effort.
Another is that it’s easier for younger children to begin piano lessons is the amount of time they have to practice on their own.
Therefore, the perfect age to learn piano is for a child who meets all the requirements of finger independence, hand size and will the answer is as soon as possible! If those prime years of opportunity to learn piano have passed, it is never too late for a child who has the will to learn. Learning piano at any age is good for the body spirit and mind and something to enjoy for a lifetime.

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