Wonderful Effects of Listening to Music During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most amazing experiences that a woman can possibly have. During all the changes that come with pregnancy, listening to music is always a dependable way to calm frayed nerves and relax. Listening to music during pregnancy is not only beneficial to pregnant women, but it has also been shown to have many positive effects on the unborn baby.

A recent study carried out in the University of Toronto found out that music helped in the development of a baby’s brains in areas that controlled spatial and mathematical intelligence. Another research subjected pregnant women to over 70 hours of classical music in their final weeks of pregnancy. When the babies were studied at 6 months, they were found to be physically and mentally superior to other children. They also displayed more developed linguistic, intellectual and motor development skills compared to children who were not musically stimulated in the womb.

Improved auditory senses

Pregnant women listening to music via headphones also transmits the sound vibrations and waves to the unborn child. This will boost the baby’s auditory senses and skills as well as concentration levels. This is because even though the unborn child cannot understand the music, it still has the ability to concentrate on the sounds which improve mental stimulation and auditory health.

Calming influence after birth

An unborn baby that is used to listening to music while in the womb may remember some of the most frequent sounds heard while pregnant. Soothing songs that a mother played many times during the pregnancy are likely to be remembered by the newborn who finds it easy to relax. The sounds are still familiar to the baby and so will help to calm him down quickly.

Reduced stress levels

Music has a way of relieving pregnancy stress in most women. A lot of emotional downturns occur during pregnancy including mood swings, depression and other issues. Soothing music can help a pregnant woman relax and also keep the unborn baby relaxed which reduces some of the emotional stress that the mother experiences. Improved mother’s health has positive effects on the baby too and helps for an easier pregnancy.

Shapes baby personality

The type of music that a pregnant woman listens too during the pregnancy can play a role in determining the personality of the child positively or negatively. A mother that listens to mindful music, relaxing classical music and other soft and soothing music is likely to have a calm, even-mannered child. On the other hand, aggressive rock and roll music and other similar genres of music can lead to having an anxious and aggressive child. This is why mothers are warned to be mindful of what kind of music that they expose their pregnancy too.

Enrolling for a music class when pregnant or attending musical performances is a great way to enjoy the beneficial effects of music during pregnancy and these benefits also pass on the child in different ways.

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