Love Music? Visit One of These Cities During Your Next Vacation!

Summer vacation is near, music trip may be readily available all over the world, but there are certain cities that are perfect for those who love music of all kinds.  Each one of these cities features spectacular music venues, amazing music heritage, and a few even have the recognition of being the best area for specific music genres. 

Here are the best cities to visit during your next vacation if you love music:

Austin, Texas

There may be lots of people living within the city of Austin, but there are plenty of music venues to keep up with them all.  In fact, there are more music venues for each local person than anywhere else in the United States.  Hundreds of venues open every evening and you can listen to anything from country and punk to blues, funk, rock, and jazz.  The historic entertainment area of 6th Street is a great place to start, although you may want to skip that and go to a festival if one is taking place when you are there.

Check out Austin Music Festivals:



There have been plenty of performers and artists that have lived in Berlin over the years and you can see where they lived and where they spent most of their time if you take one of the numerous guided tours that are available.  The club scene in this city is the best in all of Europe, although you may want to head over to watch one of the seven symphony orchestra performances instead. 

Check out Berlin Music Festivals:



Sydney is home to the Sydney Opera House, and it is one of the best places to watch a performance in the world.  There are plenty of other venues that you can visit too, including the Allphones Arena, which is where major artists have performed over the years.  The smaller clubs are also worth noting, especially the Metro. 

Sydney Opera House:



This city is well-known as the place where Johann Sebastian Bach worked for many years as the Director for the St. Thomas Choir.  Today, you can visit to attend the International Bach Competition Festival and watch the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra.  If you want a different musical experience, you may want to consider the darker Wave-Gothik-Treffen Festival that has been held in the last few years. 

International Bach Competition Festival:



Vienna is synonymous with classical music and has clinched the title of being the European capital of classical music.  Many famous classical musicians have spent their lives in this city, as they studied and worked.  A few of those musicians are Brahms, Mozart, Schubert, Mahler, and Beethoven.  The Blue Danube Waltz, by Johan Strauss, was performed for the first time in 1867 in this city.  Nowadays, you can watch many classical music performances in any of the venues or even in the city parks. 

Classical Music Performances:


If you want to experience music during your next vacation, you should definitely visit one of the cities website mentioned above.  Each one will give you a unique perspective and you will learn so much about the music that is performed in those areas of the world. 


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