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What I Do - Help and guide individuals or families purchase the best piano brands at the absolute best value.

Who Do I Work With - Families or individuals who want to learn to play the piano, those who play the piano, professional musicians and music teachers.

What Makes Me Different - I blend business with the art of music offering an unbiased approach with 25 years experience selling pianos.  Personal guidance with a step by step process which eliminates the confusion and stress throughout the piano buying experience.


Ready to Talk? Connect with me directly Here.   Email me or call / text 832.594.7267.  Check out Houston Piano Consultant blogs.

For the past many years I have the pleasure of working with the Houston Piano Company as a Piano Consultant. The Houston Piano holds the largest inventory of both new and used pianos in the Houston market along with a stellar reputation of providing a quality, full-service piano buying experience.  Given the wide selection of both new and used pianos, my process begins with providing an overview into the piano market so together we can define the right piano for you. For example, pianos range from performance grade levels like Steinway and Son, Mason&Hamlin, Bechstein, Bosendorfer and Estonia to consumer grade levels like Yahama, Kawai, Baldwin, Brodmann, Perzina, Ritmuller, Pearl River, A.Geyer, Young Chang, Weber and many more. No worries, I am here to help you find and purchase the right piano at the best value without sacrificing the quality and benefits you deserve.  See Our Inventory List.

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European Design, European Tradition, European Sound
Joseph Brodmann was a well-known piano maker in Vienna in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Ignaz Bösendorfer apprenticed in Brodmann’s workshop and eventually took it over, producing the first Bösendorfer pianos there.


A Masterpiece in Every Detail
Ritmüller has been a standard of musical excellence since the name was established in Germany in 1795. Under the auspices of the Pearl River Piano Group, the brand has been elevated to an exciting new level of quality and musical virtuosity.


European Parts
One of the best things about the Perzina pianos is that each piano has at least 90% European parts. And these are high quality parts — The Renner actions used in many models are order complete from Germany, not assembled from parts. Renner actions are also found in Petrof instruments. The majority of the woods are dense, high-altitude woods that have a better sound quality.


History of A. Geyer Pianos
A.GEYER pianos enjoy a worldwide first class reputation. The origins of A.GEYER pianos begin in the piano factory, which the Geyer family established back in 1877 in Eisenberg, Thuringia, Germany.


The World’s Best Selling Piano
Pearl River is the World’s Best-Selling Piano, sold in over 100 countries. The Pearl River name has become a symbol of quality in the music industry, and a supplier of instruments to many retailers and even other manufacturers, who depend on us for reliable, high quality instruments!

- Our Inventory List

Our Inventory List
Are you looking for a new or used piano in different price ranges, then this place is for you. However, in the internet world, we can only present the pictures but not price, and the inventory may vary from time to time before we can update pianos. If you wish to know more detail about the piano such as pricing and availability, please subscribe our update above.


  • Tommy Read

    Maggie was such a pleasure to work with. I travelled an hour and a half to meet with her and have her guide me through the show rooms. It was…

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  • Brent Coon

    We bought a high end player piano just in time for the holidays. They delivered on time and although we had to scratch our heads some to get all the…

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  • Kimi Trinh

    Maggie, my sales representative, was awesome! She knew her product very well and educated me on the different types of piano and what to listen for. It was a great…

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  • Jessica Piper

    My experience here was phenomenal! Such a wide selection of pianos available and I was able to make a choice with the extremely knowledgeable help of Maggie Pollio. I love…

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  • Louisa Chiu

    Maggie spent a few dedicated hours educating me on different pianos. After that, no other store or salesperson had a chance! I appreciated that she was interested in finding a…

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  • Wendy W. Li-Chen

    We went to visit HPC last year, Meggie was really nice to introduce and show us the different pianos in the store, and she let me playing as much as…

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  • John V.

    Maggie has been beyond excellent in helping us select and order the correct piano for our home. She was able to locate the piano and have it sent to houston…

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  • Diana D.

    Ms. Maggie has been so helpful for us all. I have recommended everyone I know that is looking for a piano to work with her. She gives the best recommendations…

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  • Louisa Chiu

    Maggie spent a few dedicated hours educating me on different pianos. After that, no other store or salesperson had a chance! I appreciated that she was interested in finding a…

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  • Darryl Legaspi

    I was referred to Maggie by a friend of mine and was amazed by her professionalism and knowledge regarding pianos. Upon meeting her for the first time my wife and…

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