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For many years I have chosen to work with the Houston Piano Company as my recommended piano store because they have the most inventory to choose from with the best purchase options.  Should I get a used or brand new piano? Is it better to buy from a private seller or a dealer?  The list of questions goes on and on.  This is why you need a piano consultant like me. I start with a full understanding of the entire market beginning with each individual need, ranging from Consumer Grade Level to Performance Grade Level.  My goal is to help you to find and purchase the right piano without sacrificing the quality and benefits you deserve.  Best of all - there is no cost to you.    See Our Pianos for Sale in Houston Inventory List.



Ready to Talk? Connect with me directly Here.   Email me or call / text 832.594.7267.  Check Piano Consultant Houston blogPiano Teachers List available.

If you don't know where to find a piano in Houston, there are only 4 retail stores left in Houston area - FortBend Music Center, Kawai Piano Gallery, Steinway Piano Gallery & Houston Piano Company.  Each store carries their own identity of pianos. One may wonder, what is the difference between each piano?  I would be glad to guide you through to find the right piano that meets your individual needs!

Thinking About Buying a Piano? - A piano is a significant investment, and likely will be around your house for a long time. As a professional piano consultant, I understand how important it is to select the right piano to fit your needs and budget. And each family has different needs when considering their piano purchase. The focus is well beyond famous brands and much more about a pleasant tone which you will enjoy.

Can't Distinguish the Tone? - I have many families who claim that they are tone deaf regarding a piano's distinctive sound. I tend to disagree because they have not yet had the opportunity to compare different pianos in one setting. Generally, after hearing several different pianos' tonal differences, the customers are able to clearly distinguish what they like and dislike regarding each piano's tonal qualities. Pianos are and will always continue to be a beautifully crafted instrument built for our enjoyment. I welcome the opportunity to share with you my piano experience so you too can enjoy for years to come.

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- Music Project

Tarana Taylor has extensive experience as a performer and a pianist for the Houston Ballet. With each ballet performance, Ms. Taylor incorporates music from all around the world to uniquely enhance each performance. Following her career as the ballet’s pianist.....


What makes the Ritmuller pianos so good are their incredible features and designs by Europe’s renowned piano designers. These pianos ranging are the hand built series with features and performance that astound most people who play them.


Over the last 26 years, I have developed strong professional relationships with Piano Teachers throughout Houston and many of them are in bilingual - English & Mandarin. Please ask me for suggestions; I would be happy to assist you.


Caleb Sturgis is from Texas, where he grew up involved in music from an early age. Mr. Sturgis began studying piano when he was seven, although he took a hiatus from music as a child. Mr. Sturgis picked up music again at the age of fourteen where he became involved in jazz and choir....


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We manage a large dynamic inventory that changes frequently. There is also the option to rent a piano. Call or Text 832.594.7267, email maggie@chinesepianolady.net for details.

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