Which Instrument is the Most Difficult to Fake Playing?

There are dozens of instruments out there for people to play, and while almost anyone can kind of play almost all of them, there is one that is practically impossible to fake playing.  That instrument is the French horn and while many people have attempted to fake play it, no one is ever able to succeed. First, everyone must know Continue Reading

The History of the Schimmel Piano

Wilhelm Schimmel did not set out to create and build pianos, but that is where his training of being a cabinetmaker took him at the young age of twenty-two.  At that time, he became an apprentice piano builder at the Stichel piano factory and in eight short years, he opened Hof Pianofortefabrik Wilhelm Schimmel. The First Schimmel The first Schimmel Continue Reading

What is K-Pop and Which Groups Should You Start Listening to First?

K-Pop is the shortened version of Korean popular music, which is a genre that originated in South Korea.  When you take the time to listen to K-Pop, you will find yourself hearing hip hop, rock, pop, electronic, and even R&B music.  Those that keep up to date with different music will know that K-Pop has been around since the 1990s, Continue Reading

Is Musical Talent by Nature or Learned?

Musical Talent can be an inborn ability, but unless a person takes the time to learn the skills to enhance their talent, it will usually never go too far.  There are only a few people born with musical talent, or talent of any other kind, so most people will need to learn the talent that they desire. A person that Continue Reading

The History of Sauter Pianos

The Sauter piano company was not instantly opened when the founder decided to learn how to build pianos. Instead, the journey of Johann Grimm began long before this company opened.  Johann loved music and he chose to travel to Vienna in 1813 to learn how to build pianos from Johann Andreas Streicher and Streicher’s wife, Nanette Stein. Streicher and Stein Continue Reading

What You Must Know Before Purchasing a Used Piano on Craigslist

Craigslist, or many of the other online platforms that sell used items, can be a goldmine for purchasing numerous things. However, you must be aware of who you are purchasing from and the condition of the item that you are purchasing. Therefore, we do not recommend telling someone that you will purchase their piano before you see it. After doing Continue Reading

Mozart – His Birthplace and the Music He Created

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as well as Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, was born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg.  At that time, Salzburg was part of the Holy Roman Empire, but the location is in what is now the country of Austria. He was the youngest of seven children, however, only one of his siblings survived infancy, basically leaving Continue Reading

The 155th Anniversary of the Petrof Piano

After visiting the Petrof piano factory in May this year, I learned so much about Petrof's history and their passion for building high-quality pianos for music lovers.  I was grateful for the opportunity to visit their factory. Among all the beautiful pianos they made, what impressed me the most is their special edition "Ant. Petrof" WOW! No words can describe, Continue Reading

Enjoy the Music During Piano City Milano

Eight years ago, back in 2012, a festival type experience was proposed to appease to both local and tourist music lovers in Milan.  That was the year that Piano City Milano was born, and it has grown into a fabulous three-day event that is attended by thousands of people from around the world. Daniela Cattaneo Diaz and Titti Santini founded Continue Reading

The Sound Engineer – Andy Bradly

  This interview begins with Andy stating what he thinks the music industry is like in Houston. While hip hop is popular, no one really focuses on one genre in this city. He has many stories about artists that he has worked with over the years. One story that he talks about in this video is the one about Beyonce Continue Reading