No Elimination Throughout the competition

For those who aim for the piano competitions, the New York International Piano Competition holds in New York City every two years in 2020.   This piano competition is open to all pianists that are between the ages of 16-21.  It has a unique feature of not eliminating any contestant during the four competitive rounds.  All contestants that do not win a major prize also receive a cash award for their participation.


The New York International Piano Competition is run by the Stecher and Horowitz Foundation which is an American not-for-profit organization that also owns the Stecher and Horowitz School of the Arts.  The foundation was established in 1960, in Cedarhurst, New York. The school served as Nassau County’s foremost conservatory of music up till 1999 when it moved to New York.  With over 15,000 students trained in its 39 years of establishment, the founders Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz acknowledged the need to be mentors and supporters to the next generation of young pianists.  The Piano Competition is their way of continuing the legacy they started as educationists.  The competition is the first in the world not to eliminate any contestant all through the competition rounds.


The competition allows twenty-two pianists between the ages of 16 and 21 to compete for an entire week for the grand prices.  The jury is made up of high-ranking musicians and influencers in the musical community.  Rather than the traditional focus on winning, the NYIPC focuses on allowing contestants to showcase what they can do in terms of musical performance, share information, make new relationships and develop a social network that will help them in their journey as professional musicians.

The main focus of the competition is helping young pianists to develop their skills.  The event also provides educational sessions, musical and career seminars, master classes by established pianists and also give them performance opportunities.  The major prize winners also win concert and recital appearances to kick off their professional musical careers.


The Stech and Horowitz Foundation has spent the last 58 years educating and mentoring talented young pianists to help them become well-rounded professionals. The foundation continues this tradition with the New York International Piano Competition.  It also runs a Young Artist Series that is also dedicated to the development of young talent and character.  By keeping to these core objectives, the Stecher and Horowitz Foundation continues to make its mark as one of the most reliable production lines of genuine musical talent in America.


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