Choosing the Best Starter Musical Instrument for A Child

Most parents want their kids to play a musical instrument but sometimes get confused as to which one is right for them. While understanding that mastering a musical instrument takes a great deal of practice, it is a rewarding experience that can help children learn self-expression, motor skills, improve their listening and focusing abilities and also improve their self-esteem. As Continue Reading

The World’s best Selling Piano – PEARL RIVER PIANOS

The Pearl River Piano Group was established in 1956 and over the past six decades, has become the manufacturer of the world’s best-selling piano as well as the largest piano manufacturer in the world. The company is based in China, produces more than 120,000 pianos every year by over 2,000 workers. Their pianos are shipped to more than 100 countries Continue Reading

Wonderful Effects of Listening to Music During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most amazing experiences that a woman can possibly have. During all the changes that come with pregnancy, listening to music is always a dependable way to calm frayed nerves and relax. Listening to music during pregnancy is not only beneficial to pregnant women, but it has also been shown to have many positive effects Continue Reading


Most of the Adult piano students are соnfuѕing аbоut thе difference bеtwееn piano lessons and piano thеоrу. They wаnt to know if it'ѕ nесеѕѕаrу fоr them in рiаnо lеѕѕоnѕ tо lеаrn music thеоrу. If уоu have already еnrоllеd in рiаnо lеѕѕоnѕ I саn guаrаntее уоu will be lеаrning ѕоmе music thеоrу.  Whаt рeople оftеn don't rеаliѕе iѕ thаt piano thеоrу Continue Reading

Preludes and Fugues

A prelude is a short introduction to a larger piece of music such as a fugue or opera. For example, that sentence could be a literary prelude to the explanation of a fugue in the next paragraph. A fugue is a piece of music that is built on multiple melodies and echoes of the same melodic theme. Johann Sebastian Bach Continue Reading


正确的钢琴练习方法几乎可以让任何人成为一名才华横溢的钢琴家。 努力,时间和天赋只是学习如何成功弹奏钢琴的次要因素。 学习钢琴最重要的因素是练习方法。 多年来,如果钢琴教师没有正确使用行之有效的练习方法,会使得钢琴学习看起来像是一项很困难的不可能掌握的技能,但参加合适的音乐课程是您与更好的钢琴教师见面的最佳选择。

Significant Reasons For Your Family to Learn the Piano

Before the world of digital music, pianos were how families enjoyed music in their homes and at gatherings. Playing the piano is a beautiful skill that does more than entertain. It teaches skills in sight-reading, spatial awareness, and concepts of music theory. Music education has come to show many benefits in the lives of adults and especially children.  Educational Benefits Continue Reading

Essential Chords for the Adult Piano Beginner & How to Identify the Keys

The piano can be intimidating to learn, especially when you’re starting later in life. There are certainly great adult beginner books out there but private piano lessons are definitely the best way to learn because your teacher can tailor the lessons to how you learn and for what skills you want to attain. If you’re interested in piano lessons, check Continue Reading

Why It’s Never Too Late To Learn Piano

Proper practice methods of the piano can practically turn anybody into a talented pianist. Efforts, time and talents are merely secondary factors to learning how to successfully play the piano. The most important factor in learning the piano is the practice methods. Over the years, efficient practice methods have not been properly used by piano teachers which make piano learning Continue Reading

A-GEYER钢琴 – 用热情和专业技术打造的产品