Brief Bio of Richard Clayderman

Richard Clayderman, birth name Philippe Pagès in 1953, December 28 in Paris. He is a French pianist who has released several works on popular classical works. Clayderman learned his piano lessons from his father who was a piano teacher. He got accepted into the Conservatoire de Paris, where he excelled. In order to earn a living when his father was Continue Reading

Why it is important to get piano training?

Learning to play the piano on your own is a great achievement and you might just leave your skills to that but if you want to take your piano skills to the next level, then you need to take piano training or lessons. There are many reasons why it is important to get piano training. Here are some of the Continue Reading

The Short Story about Mozart’s Genius

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born into a world of music.  Having a musician father meant that his home was always filled with music and students.  One of such students was Wolfgang’s elder sister, Maria Anna, who was an avid pianist.  Mozart not only developed a passion for music early in life but also became quite jealous of his sister and Continue Reading

A Piano is just what you need to improve your Focus

Music is what helps one focus when their mind is busy.  You will become more alert and vigilant when you play the piano.  Due to the many advantages of owning a piano, it is important to own the best piano out there.  PETROF Piano may be the answer to improving your focus and even find inspiration. Why PETROF Piano? PETROF Continue Reading

Traditional Chinese Flute Teacher and Performer – Sylvia Yixiu Yan

This month in our " Applause to the Musician" interview, the host Jerry Pollio interviewing Chinese Bamboo Flute Teacher Sylvia Yixiu Yan lives in Katy Texas. She discusses the variety of Chinese Bamboo Flutes as well as her experiences participating in flute competitions throughout China beginning at a young age.    Yixiu relates that the traditional Chinese bamboo flutes which Continue Reading

How Music Helps a Baby’s Brain to Develop

Playing music to a baby is a great and easy way to interact with the baby in their early days. In the first year of a baby’s life, studies have shown that the so-called “Mozart Effect” which claimed that music help to improve the brain had some credibility to it.  In 2012 research done at the McMaster University provided some Continue Reading

How to Self Learning Piano by Online Channels?

Jake Lebbin emphasizes how practicing music via internet channels has greatly helped him learn and practice playing the piano.  Although Mr. Lebbins credit much of his learning to YouTube, he indicates that some songs may take more time and practice to learn than others. His advice to aspiring pianists is to utilize channels such as YouTube as a supplement to Continue Reading

The Powerful Effects of Music on Sleep and Well-Being

Listening to music can be entertaining and a source of pleasure, but scientific research has proven that the psychological benefits of music extend far beyond our listening pleasure. It is a common notion that music has a way of influencing thoughts, feelings, and emotions. An intimate ballad can move audiences to tears while a rock anthem can rile up a Continue Reading

How Does Music Affect Math Ability in Kids?

While not every researcher will agree that music has a positive effect on cognition and mathematical reasoning skills, there is actually sufficient studies that show that there is a relationship between music and math. In history, Einstein used to play music when he had problems with mathematical equations. Music always seemed to provide some clarity, why is this? This is Continue Reading

Bösendorfer Pianos: A History

Bösendorfer is one of the most respected piano manufacturers in the world since it was founded in 1828 by Ignaz Bösendorfer. The brand is known for their original pianos and credited with many innovations in piano construction. History Ignaz Bösendorfer started his piano making business in Vienna on July 23, 1828, when he first registered his company. Since then, Bösendorfer Continue Reading