The History Behind Blüthner Pianos

Julius Blüthner was born in March of 1824 and he founded the Blüthner piano in Leipzig, Germany in 1853.  Almost one hundred and sixty-six years later, this piano company is still going strong and continues to be managed by the Blüthner family to this very day. After founding the company, Blüthner worked very hard to create models that pianists would Continue Reading

Love Music? Visit One of These Cities During Your Next Vacation!

Summer vacation is near, music trip may be readily available all over the world, but there are certain cities that are perfect for those who love music of all kinds.  Each one of these cities features spectacular music venues, amazing music heritage, and a few even have the recognition of being the best area for specific music genres.  Here are Continue Reading

No Elimination Throughout the competition

For those who aim for the piano competitions, the New York International Piano Competition holds in New York City every two years in 2020.   This piano competition is open to all pianists that are between the ages of 16-21.  It has a unique feature of not eliminating any contestant during the four competitive rounds.  All contestants that do not win Continue Reading

The History of the Samick Pianos

Hyo Ick Lee began the Samick piano company in South Korea back in 1958 and in the beginning, the country was still facing heartache and challenges from the war, but he managed to use imported parts to manufacture vertical pianos during the 1960s. As soon as the economy improved in his country, Hyo Ick Lee expanded his operation and began Continue Reading

Everything Everyone Should Know About the Fazioli Piano

Paolo Fazioli was not destined to become a piano maker when he was born in the city of Rome in 1944, as his entire family specialized in making furniture.  However, he found that he had an ear for the piano and graduated with a diploma in piano from the G. Rossini Conservatory and a master’s degree in music composition at Continue Reading

Brief Bio of Richard Clayderman

Richard Clayderman, birth name Philippe Pagès in 1953, December 28 in Paris. He is a French pianist who has released several works on popular classical works. Clayderman learned his piano lessons from his father who was a piano teacher. He got accepted into the Conservatoire de Paris, where he excelled. In order to earn a living when his father was Continue Reading

Why it is important to get piano training?

Learning to play the piano on your own is a great achievement and you might just leave your skills to that but if you want to take your piano skills to the next level, then you need to take piano training or lessons. There are many reasons why it is important to get piano training. Here are some of the Continue Reading

The Short Story about Mozart’s Genius

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born into a world of music.  Having a musician father meant that his home was always filled with music and students.  One of such students was Wolfgang’s elder sister, Maria Anna, who was an avid pianist.  Mozart not only developed a passion for music early in life but also became quite jealous of his sister and Continue Reading

A Piano is just what you need to improve your Focus

Music is what helps one focus when their mind is busy.  You will become more alert and vigilant when you play the piano.  Due to the many advantages of owning a piano, it is important to own the best piano out there.  PETROF Piano may be the answer to improving your focus and even find inspiration. Why PETROF Piano? PETROF Continue Reading

Traditional Chinese Flute Teacher and Performer – Sylvia Yixiu Yan

This month in our " Applause to the Musician" interview, the host Jerry Pollio interviewing Chinese Bamboo Flute Teacher Sylvia Yixiu Yan lives in Katy Texas. She discusses the variety of Chinese Bamboo Flutes as well as her experiences participating in flute competitions throughout China beginning at a young age.    Yixiu relates that the traditional Chinese bamboo flutes which Continue Reading