Brief Bio of Richard Clayderman

Richard Clayderman, birth name Philippe Pagès in 1953, December 28 in Paris. He is a French pianist who has released several works on popular classical works. Clayderman learned his piano lessons from his father who was a piano teacher.

He got accepted into the Conservatoire de Paris, where he excelled. In order to earn a living when his father was ill, he worked as a bank clerk and accompanist to French singers like Johnny Hallyday, Thierry Le Luron and Michel Sardou.

In 1976, Oliver Toussaint, a  French record producer, and his colleague Paul de Senneville invited 23year old Philippe Pages to record a gentle piano ballad, a tribute to De Senneville's daughter, Adeline. Pagès got picked among the other 20 other pianists auditioned. According to Toussaint "He was an interesting musician with a soft touch and good technique, and he looked good, too". Ballade Pour Adeline sold over 22 million copies in 38 countries.

Phillips Pages changed his name to Richard Clayderman (his great-grandmother's last name) to prevent mispronunciation of his real name outside France.

Career and Fame

Clayderman has over 1,300 melodies recorded. He created a new romantic style which combined classics and pop standards. With sales of about 150 million, he bagged 267 gold's and 70 platinum albums in his career.

He is famous in Asia and is pointed out by Guinness Book of World Records as" the most successful pianist in the world" His exuberant and sophisticated instrumental approach to pop, Richard's concerts are quickly sold out.

Variety in a review of Clayderman's 1985 Carnegie Hall concert wrote, "the main appeal lies in his youth and boyish good looks ... He is a gentleman with charming and thick French accent .." Nancy Reagan attached the phrase "the prince of romance" to Clayderman.  A live broadcast in China in 1987 drew more than 800 million viewers.

Clayderman holds numerous records for releasing over 200 albums and licensed to several labels worldwide, included light classics, Andrew Llyod Webber love songs, Bollywood movies soundtracks, German folk music, folk music of Turkey and Japan. His skills made gained his worldwide popularity and his versatility attracted him a huge fan-base at his middle-age.

His 2013 album has been recorded as his highest profile release ever. It featured a mixture of soundtracks, pop and light classical and a re-recording of his best-known tune, "Ballade Pour Adeline"

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