I rarely write reviews but I think Maggie has actually EARNED it. On a scale of 1 to 5, She gets a 10. She came through without any hitches. Initially, I was quite apprehensive about buying a piano thinking I might have to do a lot of window shopping and tests to get a piano that was specifically tailored to my son’s needs. When a piano technician who is very knowledgeable referred us to Maggie Pollio, I didn't hesitate to call right away.
She was super customer-oriented, never pushy and patient. She went above and beyond to make sure my son and I were SATISFIED. Maggie was very resourceful as she recommended and promptly called all the resources she had and got us a brand new white grand piano, which also came at a great price. It is without pause that I recommend her to anyone looking to get that “perfect” piano!

Source from Houston Piano Consultant Google Reviews