The History of the Schimmel Piano

Wilhelm Schimmel did not set out to create and build pianos, but that is where his training of being a cabinetmaker took him at the young age of twenty-two.  At that time, he became an apprentice piano builder at the Stichel piano factory and in eight short years, he opened Hof Pianofortefabrik Wilhelm Schimmel.

The First Schimmel

The first Schimmel piano was created on May 2, 1885 in a workshop that was only approximately thirteen square meters in size.  Schimmel’s goal was to create extraordinary pianos at reasonable prices, so before long, the demand for his pianos caused him to move to a larger building.  It didn’t take long before the company outgrew that space and Schimmel realized that he needed to construct his own factory.

The Future of Schimmel

The company is now being run by the fourth generation of Schimmel’s and every new generation, as well as every future year, has brought even better pianos to the sale floor.  They currently have concert grand pianos, semi-concert grand pianos, medium grand pianos, upright pianos, and art pianos.

Types of Schimmel Pianos

There are two concert grand pianos, the Konzert K280 and K256, while there are seven semi-concert grand pianos being constructed every year.  Those seven include the Konzert K230, K219, and K195, as well as the Classic C213 and C189, the International I188, and the Wilhelm W206.  The four medium grand pianos are the Konzert K175, Classic C169, Wilhelm W180, and the International I168.

The upright Schimmel pianos are their most popular sellers, which is why there are nineteen different ones to choose from.  Pianists of all levels will love the Wilhelm, International, Classic, and Konzert options that are available to them.

The Art Collection is desired by those musicians who want to use all their senses when playing the piano.  The K208 Pegasus is their most popular one, but a few people have also fallen in love with the K213 Glas.  Intricate details abound in both these models and nothing has been left out of the design or the materials that were used to create them.

Every Schimmel piano has been designed in an innovative way and the excellent craftsmanship guarantees every piano’s reliability.  All those features have made these pianos the award winners that they are today, as well as the most frequently played piano in the world.

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