Centuries Old Melodies – An Overview of Brodmann Pianos

Brodmann pianos have been around since the 18th century, and it is one of the leading piano brands today. It is alleged that Brodmann was originally meant to be the second line for Bosendorfer after it was revived in 2004, but the company eventually dropped the idea and stuck with the legendary brand name.

Brodmann’s founder, Joseph Brodmann, was a renowned piano-maker in Vienna. He was also instrumental in the rise of Ignaz Bosendorfer by offering him his workshop and pianos for practice. Since then, the name has resonated with piano enthusiasts all over the world thanks to its impressive reputation.

Brodmann was revived in 2004 by two former executives of Bosendorfer. It filed for bankruptcy protection in Austria the same year, but it later recovered and now ranks among the leading brands in the world. The company sells directly to buyers all over the world except the U.S., where distribution rights are held by the Piano Marketing Group.

Brodmann is comprised of three lines: The Professional Edition, The Conservatory Edition, and The Artist Series.

• The Professional Edition

The Professional Edition pianos are designed in Vienna and then made in China using European components only. In fact, Brodmann has hired European piano experts to oversee quality control and ensure the pianos look and feel European.

• The Artist Series Edition

The Artist Series Edition is the latest edition in the lines. It is made especially for artists, and the company goes a long way in harnessing perfection. To start with, pianos in this edition are mad partially in China and partially in Germany. Additionally, the pianos’ scale designs are German, and only the leading German artisans are trusted with performing the musical finishing work.

The production process in Germany takes place at the Wilh. Steinberg factory in Eisenberg; the factory is a part of Parsons Music. However, the components are sourced from all over the world including Europe and Canada.

All pianos in the Artist Series Edition are available only in grand sizes and boast of the largest upright size; they even come in a concert-grand size. They are among the most popular with professional artists.

• The Conservatory Edition

The Conservatory Edition pianos are also made in China, but they utilize parts sourced from all over the world. This, however, does not compromise their quality as the production process is overseen by the Brodmann quality control team. If anything, this makes the pianos affordable for the price-conscious buyers.

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