Which Instrument is the Most Difficult to Fake Playing?

There are dozens of instruments out there for people to play, and while almost anyone can kind of play almost all of them, there is one that is practically impossible to fake playing.  That instrument is the French horn and while many people have attempted to fake play it, no one is ever able to succeed.

First, everyone must know that the French horn is not a woodwind instrument and it does not contain a reed mouthpiece.  Instead, it is a brass instrument and has a mouthpiece that is made from metal.  As a person is blowing through the mouthpiece, they must have their lips a certain way to control the pitch of each sound.  It takes time and a lot of patience and practice to learn the different tensions of a mouth for this process.  Therefore, no one can simply pick up a French horn and blow through the mouthpiece while having the right pitch.

Now, is it possible for a person to get lucky with a note or two?  Absolutely!  But no one could play an entire song, unless they knew what they were doing!

The French horn also has keys that need to be pressed to play the notes.  Those keys must be pressed with the fingers of the left hand and there are three or four of them, depending on which type of horn a person is playing.  Each note is produced by pushing down on one or more of the keys, whether it is partway, all the way, or a combination of them both between the keys.

Another thing that everyone needs to be aware of is that it is not easy to control the volume of the sounds that are coming out of a French horn.  Those who know how to play will understand that the amount of air they blow into the horn will change the volume of the sound that comes out.  Therefore, it is difficult to fake the volume of a French horn as well.

Anyone that wants to fake playing an instrument is going to want to carefully choose which one they want to attempt, because it is obviously not that easy to fake play them all.  The French horn may be one of the most difficult, but there are many others that will be just as difficult.  In fact, if you truly want to fake playing an instrument, you might want to start with the guitar.  That is one instrument that you can easily fake in no time at all!

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