Sharing The Joy of Music

Are you making beautiful music or listening to your favorite music? Music is food for the soul. It is that and much more. Some say that humans learned to make music before they could speak to each other.  There is something elemental in music that affects human behavior that influences moods.

Sharing the joy of music with those around you has positive benefits for you and your loved ones. Why not starting now?

Raise the happiness index

Behavioral scientists have proved that music does raise happiness levels in humans. Listening to 15 minutes of music is enough to trigger the release of the hormone dopamine which is a feel-good hormone. That is why you see a smile on someone listening to good music.

Better mental health
Music affects lowering stress levels in humans. This has a further effect of lowering the release of stress hormone cortisol. This hormone is associated with body fat deposits, higher blood pressure, and bad moods. A study done by behavioral scientists showed that while the musician and the listeners both acquire positive moods, the musician has more benefits including better immunity.

No worries
Don’t worry, be happy! Goes the popular hit. It is a fact that listening to music can calm down frayed nerves. Music has a positive psychological impact on the effect of relieving anxiety. This can be very beneficial for people suffering depressive syndrome.

Improved performance
There is a good reason why jogging feels lighter and more enjoyable when you plug in your earphones. Scientists have shown that music boosts performance in physical activity. That is why doing aerobics in a music-filled gym is not only enjoyable but also gets the heart pumping faster. The tempo of music has been shown to have a direct effect on heartbeat, which explains why some music makes people aggressive and competitive.

Improved sleep
Experiments have shown that listening to classical music or any other soothing music has a positive impact on sleep. Human mothers all over the world have sung their babies to sleep since they could make and hear the music. People suffering from insomnia will take less time to go to sleep when listening to music.

Better dieting
Why is a candlelit dinner with soothing music in the background so enjoyable? Music and light influence appetite and moods. People eating with the music have been seen to eat less while enjoying the food more.

Helps heal the soul
Behavioral scientists say that listening to melancholy music induces feelings of empathy, which in turn help ease emotional pain. Listening to music can help get over grief or heartbreak quicker.

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