A-Geyer Piano Brand – A Product of Passion and Expertise

What goes into making the ideal piano? For A-Geyer, it takes passion, expertise, and over a decade of experience studying the best piano practices from all over the world. A-Geyer pianos have been setting the standard in the market for over a century, and the brand is among the most sought-after brands in the world.

Tracing the Origin of A-Geyer Pianos

A-Geyer pianos trace their roots to the home of some of the leading piano brands in the world – Germany. The company was founded in 1877 by the Geyer Family, but it was not until the 1900s that the brand became a symbol of excellence in the industry.

Mr. Geyer was so passionate about pianos that he dedicated about 25 years of his life to studying them. He traveled across Europe, the U.S., and other regions of the world to harness the best of the world’s piano-making practices. His quest saw him visit Moscow, London, New York, and Australia from 1850 to 1875. By the time he got back to Germany, Mr. Gayer had gathered enough expertise and experience to develop one of the most renowned piano brands in the world.

A-Geyer Pianos Today

A-Geyer has always been successful, but its star shone brightest during the late 1990s after Frederik Steffes took over as the company’s owner and CEO. Like Mr. Geyer, Frederik is driven by a passion for pianos and the dream of achieving perfection. He is credited with ensuring continuity of the brand’s success, and some would argue that it has fared even better under his leadership.    

Frederik combines Mr. Geyer’s passion for pianos with the advances made in contemporary piano designs, technology and relocated the factory to China.  To this end, A-Geyer pianos still blend traditional craftsmanship with modern designs and technology to bring out the best of both sides.  Several factors combine to give A-Geyer pianos their melodious tunes and unrivaled quality. These factors include a tightly controlled production process and utilization of the best components in the market. Amazingly, A-Geyer pianos are competitively priced in spite of the complex production process.

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