Why It’s Never Too Late To Learn Piano

Proper practice methods of the piano can practically turn anybody into a talented pianist. Efforts, time and talents are merely secondary factors to learning how to successfully play the piano. The most important factor in learning the piano is the practice methods.

Over the years, efficient practice methods have not been properly used by piano teachers which make piano learning looks like a difficult impossible skill but attending the right music lessons is the best option for you to meet better piano teachers.

The bottom line; you are not too old, it’s not too late to learn piano, all you need is get yourself a good piano teacher. Good practice method will not only accelerate the learning rate, but also help to develop the musical brain, and as well as raise the intelligent level. Knowing this method implies a reduction in the learning time which is significant to a fraction of a lifetime and an increase in the time available for making music instead of struggling with the techniques.

This makes students with good practice methods appear more talented than they really are because they can learn in minutes or days what it takes others to learn for months or even years.  There are many books written on learning the piano, but they are not fully equipped with information on the practice method which the students would need.  The most important aspect of learning the piano is brain development and higher intelligence.

Learning the piano has a lot to do with the brain. That’s why there are lots of benefits gotten from piano skills.  Learning the piano helps to improve memory, thus the ability to retain memory as you age, increase smartness which would help in dealing with everyday life occurrences.  Anybody can learn to memorize if taught the proper methods of memorization.  A proper integration of memorizing and learning procedures can reduce the time required to learn.  

There are some basic procedures for piano learning. These procedures are given below: 

1. The practice routine: It is important to know that lack of progress is the main reason many people quit piano learning.  And this can be linked to the type of routine practice they were following.  It is therefore important to make use of the correct learning methods following what you learn at the music lesson to avoid discouragement and quitting.

2. The finger positions: The proper use of the fingers goes a long way in successfully learning the piano. Getting the proper use of the fingers is the starting point.

3. The bench height and distance from the piano: The bench height and the distance from the piano should be put into consideration because this determines the comfort and relaxation of the pianist.

4. The body motion: Many piano teachers encourage the use of the whole body when playing the piano. But basically, technique is in the hands and relaxation.

5. The continuity rule: This continuity rule ensures that you become a master of the piece. Since practice makes perfect, when you continue to practice on a regular basis, it becomes easier for you to recognize some basic keys and pitches.

6. Learning, memorizing and mental play: There is no faster way of memorizing than to memorize when you are first learning a new piece.  You start memorizing by learning how the music should sound.

There are many ways on starting to learning piano. You could get a piano teacher, you could watch piano lessons online and you could read about practice methods in books written by great pianists.

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