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Looking to buy a new or used piano?  This site is built to help you navigate the piano buying experience and guarantee you will find a completely different experience with my consultation and guidance.  Please check reviews for my service - Chinese Piano Lady - Maggie Google Reviews , Houston Piano Company Google Reviews Facebook Reviews and Yelp Reviews .  I’ve discovered the “piano instrument” is all about personal preference, just like “Art.” There is no right or wrong; it’s how a player can utilize the instrument to bring more a colorful tone out of each level of piano and for a buyer to find the right piano within their budget.  Call 832.594.7267

I started my piano selling journey back in 1992. Since then, I have enjoyed playing on many types of pianos, and have become great friends with many pianists, musicians, piano technicians, and piano teachers.  Also developed strong professional relationships with piano teachers over the past 25 years.  Please see Piano Teachers.  Starting 2018 I have a new project on the YouTube channel called  "鋼琴物語 - It’s all about Piano, Music and You" This is an interview style to the musicians in both English & Mandarin languages.   The goal is to share their mind of music, learning process and more.  If you like to share, please contact me at 832.594.7267.

I'm currently working with the Houston Piano Company as a Professional Piano Consultant where I help families purchase their piano. This process starts with a full understanding of the entire new and used piano options in the market.  Accordingly with each individual needs and budget, as instruments range from Performance grade levels like Steinway and Son, Mason & Hamlin, Bechstein, Bosendorfer, Estonia to consumer grade levels like Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin, Brodmann, Perzina, Ritmuller, Pearl River, A Geyer, Young Chang, Weber, and many more.  I aim to help you to find and purchase the right piano without sacrificing the quality and benefits you deserve.   See Our Inventory List.

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European Design, European Tradition, European Sound
Joseph Brodmann was a well-known piano maker in Vienna in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Ignaz Bösendorfer apprenticed in Brodmann’s workshop and eventually took it over, producing the first Bösendorfer pianos there.


A Masterpiece in Every Detail
Ritmüller has been a standard of musical excellence since the name was established in Germany in 1795. Under the auspices of the Pearl River Piano Group, the brand has been elevated to an exciting new level of quality and musical virtuosity.


European Parts
One of the best things about the Perzina pianos is that each piano has at least 90% European parts. And these are high quality parts — The Renner actions used in many models are order complete from Germany, not assembled from parts. Renner actions are also found in Petrof instruments. The majority of the woods are dense, high-altitude woods that have a better sound quality.


History of A. Geyer Pianos
A.GEYER pianos enjoy a worldwide first class reputation. The origins of A.GEYER pianos begin in the piano factory, which the Geyer family established back in 1877 in Eisenberg, Thuringia, Germany.


The World’s Best Selling Piano
Pearl River is the World’s Best-Selling Piano, sold in over 100 countries. The Pearl River name has become a symbol of quality in the music industry, and a supplier of instruments to many retailers and even other manufacturers, who depend on us for reliable, high quality instruments!


Pre Owned Pianos
The benefits of owning a pre-owned piano are numerous, let’s explore. Let’s say you’re a talented musician with a smaller budget or you’re a first time buyer looking for a piano for your family.
A brand new European piano will cost anywhere from $20K-$85K and a fine Asian made piano can range from $5K on the very low end to well over $20K. Now, let’s explore some pre-owned options.


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    I highly recommend buying your piano from Maggie Pollio, she was wonderful! She knows her stuff, is eager to help and is very fun and friendly. I went into buy…

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  • MW

    Maggie, I appreciate all you have done to help me find the right piano for our family. I am very happy and everything you did to provide such outstanding customer…

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  • Paul K.

    My experience with Maggie Pollio at Houston Piano Company was a gratifying and memorable one. It took me multiple visits to the store to finally choose my new beautiful baby…

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    I appreciate your piano service. You not only help us choose a best piano for our family, but also, go beyond the sale, give us the candid advice on how…

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  • Vera and Liangzhe Zhang

    We found the Chinese piano lady’s information online while shopping for a piano a year ago. Maggie was very patient and helpful during this process. She introduced us to the…

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  • Lili Cong

    We shopped a EU122 piano from Maggie last April and we are very happy with our purchase. Before the purchase, I did some research online about different kind of pianos…

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  • Fan Yang

    Maggie’s service to my family while we were in the store shopping for a piano was very patient, very professional, explained every question we asked with pleasure. The quality is…

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  • Andy Loe and family

    Dear Ms. Maggie, We are very happy with our purchase of the Pearl River piano for our daughter, and most importantly, we are glad that we stop by at the…

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  • 王薇薇

    身為專業的鋼琴表演與教育工作者 我深深了解好的樂器是如何讓孩子學琴事半功倍,讓演出者更能自在的詮釋音樂. 感謝Maggie親切及專業的服務,和她細心為顧客需求著想的態度. 她的推薦讓我們學校的音樂廳更加完美. 康博士學苑 音樂主任

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  • Nancy Jane Otto

    Prior to purchasing my piano from Houston Piano Company, I had shopped around for several months. The minute I walked into Houston Piano Company and met with Maggie, I knew…

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Although historically the piano has been associated with Europe and the west, it has become a leading musical instrument in China over the years. Pianos were initially destroyed as being part of a symbol of the capitalists. But today, an estimated 40 million children are learning to play the piano in China motivated by the success of pianists, Lang Lang and Li Yundi. Click Here for more.

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